Reservation System At Popular NY Trailhead

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Except over on the ADK forum, there is already talk of bushwhacks and herd paths, superhikers can get there from other crowded lots like the Garden and Rooster Comb or other lots. The Whites are crowded also but I'd be curious what the comparison between the Whites and ADK as far as parking lot spaces.

For Road parking where you don't want it, Route 73 feels more crowded than the Kanc near Lincoln Woods or on 302. (in most of the more crowded spots, lots of cars by the Pine Bend of overflow near the Hair pin on 112 would be bad also.) Parking spots aren't large enough for the usage even before the Covid-19 increase)
I really miss the time when the journey meant you could hitch hike to get back. 7A8B68F6-2004-48C4-9FF6-DE07EE352F3F.jpeg