Sleeping Bag Cover

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Finding suitable trees is a lot more difficult than most people realize. Above 2500 feet is a total crap shoot.

Finding 2 trees for the "primary" anchor points wasn't bad. It was all the little spindly trees in between that wrecked line of sight for tarp lines, prevented hammock from hanging freely, etc. I found an incredible site on Shelburne Moriah just off the summit in a cluster of trees where I scrambled through about 10' of ground cover and I was on a big ledge with panoramic 270 deg views East/South/West. I got the hammock hung (although one end was about 4' off the ground and the other about 11') and strung up the bug net (gnats were insane out of the wind) but I could not come up with a way of pitching my tarp over it. The site was just too uneven and trees interfered. I climbed in to get out of the bugs and after about 20 minutes contemplating the expected overnight showers I pulled the plug, took everything down and turned my overnight into a sunset hike. If I had the small 1 person tent I have now it would have been perfect. Don't know until you try I guess.