Smarts Mt./ Mt. Cube

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Nov 13, 2004
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New hampshire
Mt. Cube via the Cross-Rivendell trail including the spur to the North peak. Good little climb, nothing challenging, but we wanted to avoid the leaf peepers in the Whites. Trails in great shape, you can tell it's popular with beginners because there are many side detours on the trail that will cause faster erosion for sure.
Smarts Mt. via the J trail (AT). I was not sure what to expect on this route and boy was I surprised at how much I enjoyed this climb. 4.2 (one way) miles of rolling and gradual grades that has an amazing footbed as well. Most of the Beech were on the ground and it was cool enough temp wise to help us make a fast round trip. Never saw another hiker and even had the summit to ourselves. The tower is cool and while it was pretty windy and cold, I always make my way to the cab, while my dog watches the gear. This is by far my favorite route up Smarts.