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Sep 15, 2003
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Harbor Hill Moraine
Never used one and not sure yet if I'm gonna even buy one.
But considering that I like to listen to music from my ipod at night around a fire, I need a way to keep it powered up for three or four days.
Anyone have experience with solar panels?

Looked briefly online and saw an 'Instpark 4S.' For $30, doesn't sound like a bad idea even if it takes most part of the day to charge up the ipod. Have no idea how long it would even take to charge up.

Any experience out there?
Since you mostly post with respect to boats, a solar panel option may work well as you can set the panel in the sun for several hours. Solar panels for backpackers are less successful as the panels are frequently shaded and not aligned with the sun. Generally panels are rated very overoptimistically so plan on gong larger than you think you need. If you are lucky if you get 50% of the panel rating in full sun you are doing well. I don't know the power requirements for an Ipod but how many watts you need double it
My friend had one on my Great Divide MTB ride last year and it worked well for him. Much like a boat, we're mostly out in the open, in that there is usually a view of the sun if it is shining and in camp, generally enough to get a charge out of it (again if there is sun). His has enough juice to be able to charge an iPhone as some of them apparently need a bit of power to be able to charge them and not all solar panels are created equally.

He had one from "Orange"

Though I do not remember which exact model. He used it to charge his bike GPS and also smartphone when not doing that.. It apparently survived the ride and the rain..

Unless you are spending a week+ between access to an AC outlet, rechargeable usb battery packs usually weigh less and recharge a phone multiple times