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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
After a 11th month delay, I am out of the rat race and retired.:D I was planning to retire this past January by 62 but hung around to assist part time to get two stubborn projects in mass up and running. My birthday is in few weeks so I still met my goal of retiring at 62. No big trips planned yet until I decide if my ankle is as close to 100% as its going to get. At this point the biggest issue is I am slower as I am lot more careful where I step. Now if Baxter would hire an new park director and restart opening day in January I would be all set ;)
Congrats on the retirement. You'll love it. I read a good one in the WSJ the other day regarding retirement: You retire when you either have enough or have had enough.:)
Welcome to the club. My long term goal was also to retire at age 62, which I did a few years ago. After a short ceremony on the last day of work, the very next day I headed to the Yukon River for a 1000 mile canoe race. i've done three more Yukon races since then and a dozen Adirondack 90 miler paddles, traveled Europe, and built a substanial Adirondack camp on a private lake. Always something to do.
Go in good health and enjoy.
Congrats! After you retire you'll wonder how you had time to work.
Nice. Congrats to peakbagger and all of the retirees. I retired the first time (from the NYSP) at 42 but 11 years later am working longer and harder than ever. I’ll catch up to that carrot one of these years! :D
Congratulations peakbagger!!

I love my job, but I'm looking forward to retirement as well, ...... still have another 4.5 years though.
Congratulations on your retirement! If lack of time was keeping you away from hiking or doing other things then it should no longer be a problem!
Congratulations! Now you will have time to post on Views!

You mean we can expect even longer informed commentary from you? :rolleyes: Unfortunately sometimes feels like much of extra time retirement is spent attending doctor appointments for ever increasing number of ailments. One of benefits of being retired is you're now free to cherry pick hiking weather. I hate it scheduling doctor appointments weeks in advance because more often than not date of appointment inevitably is perfect weather for getting outdoors. Hopefully you'll be able to spend more time working on your many toys littering your property. Congratulations and good luck!!!
Yay for you PB. (And just in time to take over the running of this fine and classy website!)

May your 401k be bountiful and health good. The world awaits!

Best of all, no more weekend hiking :)
Thanks for all the well wishes

I may start leading hikes again so may do some weekends. Just got to see how my new hardware in the ankle likes cold weather. I definitely seem to be able to feel changes in barometric pressure. Finding folks in the north country to hike in winter in general is tough and weekdays is tougher. The biggest hassle is finding good hike that have parking. I usually break a trail through my land in Randolph up to Lookout Ledge in Randolph. Its got some real nice views into Kings Ravine in the winter, much better than the actual Ledges trail.