Speck Pond in Winter


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Dec 15, 2007
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West Roxbury, MA
I want to do a simple out-and-back from Grafton Notch and winter camp at Speck Pond. I've been up Old Speck a bunch of times in winter, although it's been a looooong time. I remember once trying to hike down to the Pond, and things got nutty steep, and I lost the unbroken trail, wound up waist-deep in snow and then bailed on the whole thing. I can't really find much by way of winter trip reports of people descending into the Pond from the Old Speck summit. Anyone done this in the winter? Any tips?
It's something I always wanted to try, but after climbing up old speck from Speck pond last year during the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, I can't imagine the descent into the pond from that side. Might be easier from success Pond road.
do you have any reason to believe Success Pond Road is passable in my wife's Subaru??? I've never done winter trips there because I never wanted to show up and find I couldn't get down the road.

(Short of buying a snowmobile, what I should be doing is getting a pulk and upping my XC skiing game ... but for now, can the Subie get down that road?)