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Sep 5, 2003
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I'll be atternding ADK's President's Dinner Oct. 26 in (edit) HIGHLAND Falls (near West Point), and would like to take my kayak with me and paddle part of the Hudson. I know almost nothing about that part of NYS or the Hudson and am asking for ideas as where to launch and paddle there. We'll have only 1 car, so it has to be an out & back trip. I'm used to paddling on the upper and lower Niagara River, so current is fine. I also paddle on Lakes Erie, Ontario, and Huron, so open water doesn't bother me, either.
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Bob, google Bannerman's Castle. It's across on the east side of the Hudson near West Point. JayH and I parked on your side somewhere, possibly further south of West Point and we crossed the Hudson to camp out near the castle. Also some people paddle around some of the marsh areas but it's tidal there so you try to time it just right. Check out the castle. send me your e mail and I'll look for an old pic to send. Have fun. The big open water was a little scary for me that day, boat was loaded with a ton of gear and the swells were larger than I wished.
Haha, Hi David, we launched from Plum Point in Newburgh, paddled over some nice wind blown swells to just north of Bannerman's Castle to take the shortest route through the wind and then north to Denning Point where we camped and then met IndianChris the next day. I remember the hudson being fairly rough due to the winds and it was one of your first kayak camp outings..

Spoke to Bob on facebook. as mentioned, this is one of the nicest sections of the Hudson south of Troy...

Hi Jay, hope all is well. Was a little hairy crossing over the Hudson, think it was because of the "iron" skillet! But to be honest I think adding weight to the boat kept in from bobing up and down, sorry for using that word Bob.
Well, I told you not to balance that skillet on top of your head, coldfeet, ya know center of gravity and all that stuff? :D

Adding weight so that you sit in the water lower also increases the waterline (albeit a tiny amount)...

Thanks for the ideas, but we decided to drive up to Newcomb and explore the Essex Chain of Lakes!

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