Tear Drop Ski Trail


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May 10, 2016
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Rooting around in my old slides, I discovered this aerial view of the Tear Drop Ski Trail. It runs from the Forehead summit on Mt Mansfield down to the CCC road, all of which you can see in the photo, with Maple Ridge on the right. I was wondering if folks still ski it, and who maintains it.


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Here is another aerial shot from the same set. Prominent is the Forehead of Mt Mansfield with its many ledges and rocky outcrops. Behind is the Nose, elevation 4,064 feet and a selection of radio towers. To the right of it and lower down, an upper lift station of Stowe Ski Resort and other buildings. Presumably one of these is the eight-sided Octagon building. Beyond lie ski trails on Spruce Peak, also part of the Stowe resort.

At the bottom of the photo one can make out Butler Lodge, built and maintained by Green Mt Club. In the era when the photo was taken, the lodge was insulated and equipped with a wood stove. One winter night I stayed, finding it way too warm inside, sweating! The stove was later removed. For the best, as fire has destroyed many a back-country hut. After many years gone away to pursue other lives and adventures, I visited Butler Lodge and climbed to the Mansfield summit. The beauty of the Vermont mountains, so marvelous, left me in awe.


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