Trail on Dewey Mt. Vermont

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Jan 21, 2004
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Burlington, Vermont
Four of us snowshoed (should have skied) up this mt. from the Overland Trail yesterday. Beautiful views of Mansfield and Sunset ridge. At the top we discovered a marked trail entering and exiting the summit, and an old summit register in a half liter bottle. Wondering where this trail begins?
I have Gange's Guide to VT's Day Hikes and it says on page 34 no maintained trail to summit...but the edition is maybe outdated, so I also would like to know as I need to do some more VT stuff!!
It may come straight up from the Trout Club. I doubt if the lower end would be open to the public, though. There could also be access from Skytop Ridge -- there's a busy network of ski trails over there.
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It may come straight up from the Trout Club.

It did, at one time, but that trail, the Kingsford Trail, hasn't been maintained in years. And, it didn't exactly come *straight* up from the Trout Club, but that's where it started. Yardsale, I assume that you were seeing relics from that trail. You can come across old blazes here and there when you're exploring in the area.