Trailwrights 2023 Annual Meeting

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Jan 9, 2006
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Trailwrights annual meeting Saturday April 22 from 9:00 at Fox Forest in Hillsboro, NH. We will work on the tools, whether sharpening or repairing, to get them ready for the season’s trail work. Bring your own lunch for 12:00; ice cream will be provided at 1:00 as will the beverages. The more formal meeting begins at 1:00 when the projects will be selected and scheduled and such other business as may come before the Board. This will be followed by a wonderful mid-afternoon pot luck dinner so bring your favorite dish to share. This is the one time each year when we can gather with old friends to include those who can no longer come out on work days. If you’ve ever wondered what goes into arranging for work days, come and join us. All are welcome. This is the up-front work that is required before the actual trail work can occur.