Wind in tucks this weekend

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Mar 19, 2005
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Enfield, CT
NWS saying high winds at summit late sat thru Sunday, however, wind direction is W then NW. Know the ravine will be somewhat protected. Best guess on what to expect? Winds 60 to 75 summit with gusts to 90. Thinking the ravine floor will be a swirl-a-Rama aka toilet bowling with anything less than 20 lbs being blown around.! Long drive want to make it worthwhile, if not this weekend then have to wait til post mothers day. All beta appreciated
I would suggest waiting, the current forecast has degraded for this area with a chance of showers on both days. Generally if there are showers around they tend to hit Mt Washington. There are several "mini fronts" heading through the area over the weekend and that usually leads to winds. Tucks is quite well sheltered from winds but with the current forecasted one I expect it could be gusty.

Ideally you want a nice big stretch of high pressure for tucks visit and it sure looks like that is not in the cards.
Thanks peak bagger, Sunday was looking like the best of the weekend supposedly with some sun shining albeit def cooler and windy, thus cooler than cooler. Sounds like you are hearing unsettled pretty much all weekend. That's why I ask, forecasts seem to be so broad,and yes if the clouds are going to hang up anywhere for sure it's the peaks especially agiocochook :)
Darn he must be up in northern part of the County. One of my coworkers is up in Fort Kent. Probably still looks like winter up there.

Everyone has their favorite forecast but my go to one is VPRs Eye on the Sky

Both days are mix of sun and showers but generally Mt Washington tends to attract and form clouds

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