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Thread: Moriah, for extra credit! -- 3/19/06

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    Moriah, for extra credit! -- 3/19/06

    After climbing Flume & Liberty the day before and reaching my goal of 24 NH 4Ks this winter, I could have kicked back and worked on getting well. But, Sunday was the last day of winter and I just had to get one more in under the wire.

    I met up with Sadie's friend Jeff for our first hike together and we headed up the Carter-Moriah trail which was bare down low. We soon came across intermittant patches of snow and ice. We also passed a couple who had not gone to the summit due to the guy not having crampons. We talked with the woman for a few minutes as she was removing her crampons and we were putting ours on.

    It wasn't long before we really got to see why that guy had to turn back. There were a good number of steep parts on slabs and otherwise that were completely iced over and were a bit nerve wracking. We also came across sections where the trail was just an ice flow.

    We got to see some other things too including cloudy views of Gorham, a huge "pillow", the Northern Presis, and some really beautiful woods. We also saw two guys from Quebec who had turned around because they were concerned about time and had to get home. One of them had a Grizzley Adams beard and the other had the longest mustache I'd ever seen! I wish I'd taken a picture of them.

    The climb was good and the woods were great. We had the summit to ourselves, but the wind made us shorten our break up there. We made good speed on the way back down and noticed views (as well as remnants of a car) that we'd missed on the way up. Talking in my hoarse voice left me mute but, it was all worth-while to get in one last hike of the winter. Let's at least hope the winter conditions last a while longer!

    Here are some pics!
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    Nice T/R and pics, DB. Hope you start feeling better!
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    Nice picutres and way to go on exceding your goal for the winter peaks! Hope your feeling better soon.


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