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Thread: Extra Efforts for Hiking with Significant Other

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    The problem I've had bringing my wife are conditions beyond my control... Like the first time, with tons of deer flies, then the bees.. Then the next time a sudden thunderstorm drenched us. Then again, while camping at Indian Falls (some time ago) it rained and rained.... Then there was the time she broke her toe. Then the other time it rained. She never had a nice day, and won't try it again.
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    OK, now I am embarrased to know that there are such useless men out there that have their wives carry their gear. To me, chivalry is not dead and I would NEVER allow myself to be a burden to my wife! These guys should be ashamed!

    On a lighter note, I have a friend who packs a cooler with ice packs and stuff like steak tips etc. on his summer trips. Says he carries about 50 lbs for an overnight. ??????? This logic is completely lost on a 'fast and light' hiker like myself. I suppose, if it keeps the girlfriend happy...

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    Pete, remind me to think twice about hiking with you!

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    here; sometimes there

    Mountain Laurel

    Down here in CT/SW Mass, I know the incredible mountain laurel spots - you know, bring the friend to the flower and all that. They're better than buying an entire floral shop.

    That's my plan anyway.
    May the forest be with you.


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