The trailhead we used is located right at the Mass\CT border on the Mt. Washington Rd. A GPS is a big help for finding the exact place as the state line marker is an old granite post that is located off the road on the east side and could easily be missed if you didn't already know you were at the border.

The red marked trail is in good condition and clearly defined all the way to the New York border which is as far as we went.

The ledges up both Red Mountain and Mt Frissell involve some scrambling. The book indicates a (one way) hike of two miles and 600 vertical feet and while the hike is not difficult, with the scrambling it is more difficult than those statistics might indicate.

The views from Round Mt. are good. The views open up again after you leave the summit of Mt. Frissell and head into Ct. My GPS was spot on with the Mass\CT border at the trailhead, but there was a discrepancy up on top where my GPS showed us entering CT. a bit sooner and a bit higher than the stake indicated. Whatever, the CT hight point is not far from the summit of Mt. Frissell, marked simply by a cairn and a stake--no plaque.

About 1/4 mile further you reach the NY border which is marked by a tristate post. This also was spot on with my GPS.

More details can be found in the trail reports at"