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Thread: Mts. Jackson, Webster, Willey, Field, and Tom via...

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    Mts. Jackson, Webster, Willey, Field, and Tom via...

    Date of Hike: May 19-20, 2012

    Trails: A Crawford Notch Loop from the Depot: Day one... Jackson-Webster Trail to Webster Cliff Trail to Ethan Pond Trail to Ethan Pond Campsite; Day two... Ethan Pond Campsite to Ethan Pond Trail to Willey Range Trail to A-Z Trail to Tom Spur back to A-Z Trail to Avalon Trail. Whew.

    Trail Conditions: On All Trails there was no snow or ice on any trail and all brook crossings were easy. Now the breakdown. Jackson-Webster Trail was a little wet and muddy but nothing I couldn't rock hop to avoid. Nice trail. Webster Cliff Trail (best trail of the hike for wow factor) was the same though overall drier from Jackson to Webster, from Webster to the last view it was fine but there were a couple of minor blowdowns needing attention. And from that point to 302 there were a couple more blowndowns needing attention and a little bit of mud. Not bad at all. Ethan Pond Trail was leafy and dry to begin. There was two significant blowdowns in need of attention. The trail got muddy after the Willey Ridge Trail junction all the way to the campsite. The bridges were very helpful. Between bridges plenty of rock hops kept me clean and dry (though not everyone uses them). Willey Range Trail to the summit was steep, rough, loose footing, and badly eroded in places. Minor mud and water, and all structures, i.e. steps, seemed to be in good condition. Between Willey and Field it was in good shape, a little mud and water in places but all minor. Same from Field to the A-Z. Tom Spur was in good condition as well. A little wetness and very minor mud. This was also the case for the A-Z and Avalon Trails. A little mud, a little water, but nothing that had to be walked through thanks to rock hops.

    Special Equipment Required: None.

    Comments: Note on Ethan Pond Campsite... it filled to capacity, before Memorial Day! Note on Bugs... black flies were out, but not in numbers yet. They didn't bother me but I did take notice. Nod and Wave to... all the fine people I met and talked to, especially fellow VFTTer, MikePS, who was well met on Jackson's summit -- said he'd vouch on my not cheating the backpack, hehe -- I carried all my gear all the way, instead of stashing it at the end on Webster Cliff Trail as was considered briefly. Other... Awesome hike, great weekend. A tad warm.

    Mike "Tramper" Cherim
    Nottingham NH
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