Date of Hike: June 13, 2013

Trails: Tuckerman Ravine (still closed through the ravine), Lion Head, Crawford Path, Monroe Loop, Camel Tr, Boott Spur, and Boott Spur Link Trails.

Trail Conditions: The Tuckerman Ravine Trail (which is still closed through the ravine as noted above) has a surprising amount of running water on it, but the easy-around blowdown that has been there for a while, including on our ascent, was cleared by the time we came down (thanks!). Lion Head Trail (summer route) also had a fair amount of running water on it in places above treeline, but rock hops kept our feet dry. It was otherwise nice going. Crawford Path also had some running water on it after the Lakes of the Clouds Hut, but that's pretty normal. The Monroe Loop, Camel Trail, and Boott Spur Trail were in great shape. The Boot Spur Link was also in great shape, though somewhat wetter in places near the bottom.

Special Equipment Used: None.

Comments: Hiked this one with my friends Bill Robichaud (helping him do some redlining) and Monica Trust and we had great day. Stellar weather in the morning, foggy at lunch, then overcast in the afternoon, but awesome all the same. Love it up there playing on the rocks.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH