date: 6/8/14

trails: welch-dickey loop trail, herd path, bushwhack, sosman trail, mt. tecumseh trail, bushwhack

conditions: trails were all dry and in good shape. from near the summit of dickey we crossed a number of ledges to the north before picking up the herd path towards foss peak and green mountain. after a short bushwhack around a swampy area where the trail seemed to disappear it became very clear all the way over foss peak to green mountain. though we knew there may be some sort of old path we were not expecting something so nice. really great walking and numerous open rock and ledges with great views. though a very old trail used to run all the way to tecumseh the trail now ends on green. the bushwhack up to the communications tower at the top of the ski area was generally pretty open with the exeception of a scrappy saddle and thick band just before reaching the sosman trail. sosman and tecumseh trails were in nice shape heading down towards tripoli road. at around 3000 feet where the trail makes a prominent north turn we continued to the northwest through generally open woods up to the west-west summit of tecumseh. we then bushwhacked back to the trail a bit farther down from were we left it finding more good woods all the way down. black flies on and off over the course of the day were a bit annoying.

equipment: nothing in particular.

comments: great day. the unofficial trail up to green was a real treat. lots of interesting terrain and great views along the way. a bit hot, but a good breeze at times. thanks to jeremy for a nice hike.