Date of Hike: June 12, 2014

Trail Conditions: It had rained so the trails were wet, but everything was in great shape. I don't recall any blowdowns on the portion of these trail we were on. All crossings were easy, there was a few patches of mud here and there, mostly on Ethan Pond Trail, but nothing bad. There was evidence of an adopter's work on Ethan Pond Trail... thanks!

Special Equipment Used: None needed. Knowing this hike, minus the slide and bushwhack, was a walk in the woods, we opted for no poles. Brought bug spray but didn't need it on the hike. We didn't see any bugs.

Comments: I hiked this one with Bill Robichaud. No lists were worked on (aside from some redline). I needed WFT in June for the Grid but this was more fun. Often I have sat at Zeacliff and looked longingly over at Whitewall's seductive climb-me slide and open spaces on its false summit rising above the rail grade. No more talking; I have finally climbed it. And to make it official, for whatever reason, we did locate the true summit and signed the book in the canister. After summiting we bushwhacked on a bearing of 058 .5 miles, dropping 200', to an unnamed pond in the woods, just to check it out. We saw little ducks on it so we decided to call it Little Duck Pond. From the northwest corner of that pond we set a bearing for 006 and popped out .9 miles later on the A-Z Trail just below the 3000' contour. Fun stuff. The biggest thrill was the Whitewall slide itself. Talk about sketchy. Lots of rock slide evidence, very recent evidence, lots of it, lots of loose rocks, big loose rocks. Oh my.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH