Hancocks North and South


Trail Conditions: Packed powder, minimal drifts. One massive duck under and a smaller one on the Col, which I neglected to duck under

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes

Comments: Despite NOAA's rather ominous forecast the temp at the Hancock Overlook Lot was between 12 and 14 with almost no wind. The bluebird skies also helped the morning feel a lot warmer. The trail was/is in great shape! Many thanks to all those who broke out this trail. I only saw a single posthole and it looked like it went all the way to hell Seriously though, it was the deepest I have ever seen.

I ran into Sunshine and Pemi and enjoyed reconnecting while taking opposite routes on the loop. A great day to be out despite the possibility of seriously cold wind chill values.

Your name: Summitseeker