Knew the day was going to have some snow showers and be windy. Thought Garfield would be nice. We parked at the first parking lot and did the 1.2 miles of road walk to the actual trail. (we did take a mini detour at the gated area before the first bridge because my short term memory is gone. I read to stay to the left and when I was looking at my may, it looked like a possibility...after walking for a bit, we turned around and headed the right way).

Road was ice with the snow that was coming down covering it. When we got to the actual trail, I was surprised to see such little snow on the trail itself. We almost took our spikes off. This went on for a bit then the ice started. All the crossings were covered and even though you could see and hear the water, we made it across them safely.

The further up we got, more ice and then snow on the trail. It stopped snowing and looked like we would get views on the summit but when we actually made it to the summit, it was covered and quite windy. We sat in the foundation to block ourselves from the wind for a bit and then headed down. It was just too cold.

The bit right before the summit or after, depending which way you are going, was steep and I was going very slow not to start sliding down and hit a tree.

Used spikes all day.