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Thread: Pentagon may have weaponized ticks

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    Pentagon may have weaponized ticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by richard View Post
    I became fascinated with Plumb Island after seeing it for the first tine from the New London - Orient Point ferry. That ominous low-slug building with hundreds of exhaust stacks on the roof felt menacing, even from a distance. So I did some research.

    Information was scant, but there was one well-researched and respected book about the island. Its title is Lab 257, by Michael Carroll (Harper paperback, 2005).

    And he does discuss weaponized tick research being done there in the 50s and 60s. The facility was headed up by a ex-Nazi (Dr. Eric Traub) recruited by us after WWII. Comforting thought, eh?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Theory goes that ticks were infected with Lyme, got out of containment or were purposely dispersed on the island, then somehow spread to LI and CT via swimming deer, wind, etc.

    Old Lyme was hit hard and early with a mystery disease that caused arthritis-like symptoms and other miseries in victims.

    Great summer / beach reading!

    The facility is sill in operation (link to its home page) and feels it necessary to tell you what they DON'T do! Too funny.

    The NYT did an updated story on the lab in 2016. Still toxic after all these years!
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    This and a lot of other things seems to rules out a recent development of lyme disease

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