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Thread: ONCOMAN completes Northeast 770 Peak List

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    Not only has Oncomon completed the 770, but he’s done many other major lists as well - Vermont 2k’s, etc....
    Such an accomplished bushwhacker. Way to go! Nice work Oncomon, so awesome!!

    Jean and I are almost done....I'm at 745. I plan to finish in 2020.

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    You may be the first to do these in winter. No Alain Chevrette (pinpin) was the first to complete ADK 3K's (222) in winter. He completed 16 March 2009 on unnamed peak, SW of Brown Pond, Indian Lake. I was the second to complete on 20 March 2014 on Catamount. However I am the only one to have done 2 rounds of ADK 3 K's.

    BTW pinpin is trying to do NY500 winter. Only a few pks left to do north of West Canada wilderness, a very remote area requiring at least 3 to 4 winter bivouacs per trip. If interested in helping him out, contact him. He will jump of joy!
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