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Thread: Lincoln Lafayette loop - Plenty of company

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikehikeskifish View Post
    I saw this earlier today on Facebook and I think this is probably the best answer (to my mind anyway) to the question of how far we should travel for recreation. For me personally, I am mainly solo cycling and within a region where should something happen to me requiring medical assistance, the resources would be the same as if I were in my own home.

    Source of the image please.
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    It was posted and shared by random people whom I don't know so I cannot attribute it to any one person, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Rankin View Post
    Source of the image please.
    It has the Bishop Climbers Coalition logo on it, but it's not on their FB page:

    However, it was on their Instagram page:
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    Is this trip necessary?

    I wasn't alive then, but my understanding is that during WWII, the phrase "Is this trip necessary" became common.

    Then, it was about conserving gasoline which was needed for the war effort. I wonder if now is an appropriate time to re-purpose the phrase.

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