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Thread: Very unfortunate Hammock Camper within Wild River

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    Very unfortunate Hammock Camper within Wild River

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    Never heard that one before. Very sad. Here's the F&G link. No pop-ups or ads.

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    And a reminder of the tension forces that develop on "horizontal" ropes and cables when loaded. There have been several previous incidents like this. Two I can recall:

    >About ten years ago an upstate NY man was setting up a zip line in his yard. He attached the uphill end of the zip line to a large dead tree. When he loaded the line, the tree fell and killed him.

    >Maybe a year ago (cannot remember where) two teenage girls were killed when a hammock rigged between brick columns in their yard pulled down the columns onto the girls.

    This particular type of event happens often enough that it is worth keeping in mind when doing any kind of rigging.

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    Sad news. Choose your trees carefully.

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    Backpacker Killed in Wild River Wilderness

    "Overdue Hiker Found Deceased in the Wild River Wilderness"

    May 28, 2021

    Beanís Purchase, NH Ė New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers located the body of a hiker reported overdue by a loved one at the Spruce Brook Tent site just off the Wild River Trail in Beanís Purchase. The hiker, identified as Edward Murphy, 50, of Sandown, NH, was attempting a multi-day hike with an anticipated completion date and time of Wednesday May 26, at around 5:00 p.m. When Murphy had still not arrived by noon on Thursday, May 27, a search was initiated.

    Conservation Officers entered the Wild River Wilderness from multiple trail accesses hoping to locate Murphy. One search party entered from the Bog Brook Trail head and scoured the Bog Brook Trail to the Wild River trail through Perkins Notch traveling north. Another team came in from the Wild River Campground and searched the Highwater Trail to the Wild River Trail traveling south. While a third search party searched the Shelburne Trail traveling south to the Highwater Trail.

    Murphy was located at the Spruce Brook Tent site by one of the search teams at approximately 7:30 p.m. Thursday night. Evidence at the scene indicated that Murphy had been killed when a tree he had placed his sleeping hammock on fell and struck him. There was no evidence of foul play and all indications point to this being a tragic accident.

    Fish and Game Officers were assisted by the National Guard helicopter in this search and recovery mission.

    No other information available at this time.

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