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Thread: Police Respond to naked man on the roof of Zealand Falls Hut

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCaper View Post
    Back in the day I volunteered at the OD tents at a few Rock Festivals. For some reason many folks stripped naked while on bad trips or good depending on the person I guess. Back to basics I guess when you dig down to the soul of one's self.
    Just be aware of the “Brown” stuff.
    "I'm getting up and going to work everyday and I am stoked. That does not suck!"__Shane McConkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiguy View Post
    Just be aware of the “Brown” stuff.
    You either must of been there or heard stories from guy's like me to that kind "crap" with those OD'rs. The flie's were a shure sign. Can't believe they still do that Acid junk.

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