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  • I don't know how to work this thing. I think I just posted the response on my own page. I think I saw you're real close to your NH finisih, right? I'm at 29/46, I'll get there one of these days!
    Hey Kim....how are ya? It's been a while, looks like the Whites have been keeping you busy!
    It would be cool too. We could make a reservation at LAke HArris State Campground and use that as base camp too. That campground is awesome. You get your own private beach with each campsite!
    More the Merrier and maybe someone else who has done it for a tour guide!!!!!!
    Well early congrats on your finish! Would you be up for doing MacNaughty next year? I really want to go after that peak so I can feel official with my 46er status. Not much going on here just trying to stay busy at work and hoping no layoffs are coming.
    first weekend in december we are staying at carter notch hut -- i'll be tagging the wildcats on the way out, then heading to wildcat for the sunday afternoon $20 lift tickets. :)
    i'll be seeing you the weekend of the 15th for sure. no plans to hike between now and then (but open to doing a day trip on the 8th).
    Oooh..ski trip!

    Well, lets see, got stuff to do all the weekends up to the second weekend in December. Hey! How the heck did that happen!? I'll be skiing Wildcat sunday afternoon, first weekend in December, if they've got alot of trails open!
    probably a good thing you didnt come! it was a cold rain all day and the irish whiskey was in the car :(
    did you have fun in nyc at least? ADK's were great. a bit wet and cold but a fantastic finish for hui yeng!
    I am not sure where to respond, Kim-bo! Thanks for your post! I ended up unfortunatley blowing a tire on 93--a good sam helped me change to my donut, and Rob waited for me at Lincoln. We ended up doing a Franconia Ridge Traverse, up Skookumchuk, down Osseo...great day! Warm with snow on the ground and no wind! Neat to see the Bonds from the other side of the Pemi, the past two times I've done the Ridge its been socked in. Killer day! 16 miles, 4700 gain, 8 hours, 15 mins! Woot!
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