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  • Kim, you could always hike up by Six Husbands and down Castles since you only need one summit that weekend!;)
    thanks for the greenie, kim-bo!
    hope I can make it up for Jeffie -- btw, the Castle Trail is just spectacular - Capps Ridge to Jeffie and down the Castles is a really nice hike. I'm sure it will be super special though, whichever way you decide to go!
    Glad you went up the Arrow!! It's wicked awesome and much much better than the trail!! Way to go. Do you wanna backpack with us this weekend in Western MA?
    Did I read somewhere that you are hiking friday Oct 24?? I am off that day -- might be up for a hike somewhere! :)
    Thats two more than i have done!! i rarely get to maine and obviously baxter is high on my list :)
    we can have fun with that one!!! maybee ill try and hit some of those up with you if we can get our schedules to work
    Girl, you had a busy weekend on the trails.. Been up on the Crawford Path twice this month..always beautiful..I suspect the financial stuff going on has you right in the thick of it...planning mansfield sun and camels monday with othh and condo crash space if interested...
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