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  • We were out to do Tom & Field. There were three others who needed them for their 48. we started much later than normal so we figured why not have breakfast while we were at it. That's cool. I don't often meet many from the forums so even a sighting is good! Congrats again!
    Hey Isabelle- I just realized something, I think we saw you guys at the Highland Center just before you left for your traverse, was one of the guys wearing an orange VFTT shirt when you started?
    Believe me...having just completed the NE115, I know how you feel. I was the same way last year...I wouldn't do anything if it wasn't on my list. A list hangs over your head until you're done with it - it's wonderful to be free!!! Hope to see you soon!!!
    Thank you for your well wishes. I would love to hike... and mostly giggle with you two. But no postponing this. It is going to be great to finish AND it frees me up to hike whatever is happening. There have been three times this summer where I diverged from what the group was hiking to atttain my goal.

    I have loved this and have learned so much since May 28. Most of all, it has been a huge pleasure to meet like 'minded' physically crazy people like you.
    Good luck on your finish in a few days. We'll be in Acadia otherwise we'd probably join you. If you decide to postpone it, let me know.
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