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  • Congrats on the #10 finish on Washington a few weeks ago.

    May head out to Attitash trail at some point - wondering if you mind if I clear some blowdowns? If I do work on your trail I'll let you know and you can count it on your report. Thx ..........
    Good meeting you yesterday. Let me know if you ever need assistance on your trail. cgarby AT yahoo DOT com
    cool that's still a good day. maybe we could give something big a shot when I get back. I'm afraid the UK hasn't helped my fitness any though.
    Hey man HB, your entering those years where youth, endurance and experience all come together good luck! Hope to get out with you, DD and Albee this coming year. Maybe Ben too if he keeps his shirt on. ;-)
    Thanks una_dogger. I actaully ate half a pizza at Elvios in Lincoln. Then I went out to the Moat with friends and ate a whole BBQ chicken pizza and had a beer. I'm polishing off the Elvios pizza right now!
    Wow! Awe inspiring!! What a great effort. I really appreciate your write up, especially that you have included your pace for the various segments...it really puts something like this in perspective for us middle of the pack runners!

    But my real question is....are you eating an entire pizza to yourself today?? :)
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