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  • You know my goals: never come off the ski mountain tied into a sled, and never get written up in Appalachia. :)
    not sure if we did this private message thing right, but i sent one saying that Pierce was looking good to DAve - what do you think ??
    Hello MtnPa - are you up for a hike this weekend??? Last weekend in July??? Also could you send us some info on hiking with you on Jefferson in September??

    we have a few more work weekends to get that bathroom completed - then a hike with the neighbor would be great!!!
    It was nice to meet you and your wife! Love the pix of Bondcliff in your avatar! I don't dare get very close to the edge there even if I'm sitting! I'd posted the trip report mainly to find out about the other hikers. So it was good to find out they did get out OK but from the responce it was a tough time for them.
    At what point did we meet? If I'd have had crampons on rather than snowshoes I probably could have made it...will still be there next time though :)
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