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  • Thanks, nice to meet you and Fran at the gathering... Now I can put more of a person than a face (from your avatar) though you really are confusing people by having "PA" in your username...
    Might be able to do that later in February or in early March. We've got a lot going on right now. Company coming at least two of the next 4 weekends, plus we're going to the winter gathering in Jay. I've got snow shoes I've hardly ever used. I don't think they'd be good for climbing, but I bet they'd be fine for a hike up to Barbour Rock. Just installed a ceiling fan in my guest room and I'm getting ready to watch the eagles. I can taste that cold one now...mmmm.
    Dont hike with WW he is trouble lol......That pic of Colden was taken from the summit of Cliff the more I think of it I should have submitted that for the Calendar. Maybe next year.
    Steve - send me a link about your gig tomorrow...I have family in Ithaca that would be interested. Actually, he works for Cornell also...
    Cool! Looking forward to hiking with you as well. I'm in hiker hibernation for the winter, more or less, but my x-c skis are ready to go! As for the company you/we keep...well, I guess we could do worse, huh? :eek:
    Carefull what you ask for. ;) Look at who I keep company with! :eek:

    Of course I'll be your friend and look to the day when we can hike together. :)
    A 12 PAck of UBU?????? Why isnt it drank yet? You really disappoint me! It would not last 2 days in my fridge lol
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