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  • Didn't solo. Was going for Haystack also but thought I would rather do it by itself and leave plenty of time to party-o-top
    I understand the growler thing, because they do not fill yours, they have to take yours and then give it to someone else. Would you want a growler from some other brewery if you went there? I wouldn't... Also, I imagine they are pretty fresh, I've never had a bad one. I broke one a few miles down the road and came back to buy another one, and they just gave me a free one!
    Don't you wipe your butt????? I cant believe you and Fran got so dirty hhahahahahahhaa
    Thanks for that! Yeah, sure, an FoB fer sure, at least one way or another! If I couldn't be responsible, I wouldn't be able to hike! Thanks again, --Mike. ps: Sorry to see someone hijacked your birthday! Tell 'em to go pound sand!
    Just you and I or would Fran come too? Let me check with the wife before I commit to anything. I want to make sure we do not have anything going on.
    You know Steve! When someone writes on your board you are suppose to go to their profile and respond there. That way they see your response right away. Dont take offense to this but I do not check your profile out daily. I like you and all but not that much hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D
    Maybe 3 weeks from now? Let me know and I'll check with Fran. As far as June...definitely!! The weekend of the 13th or 20th would be our best bet for Mountain Laurel.
    We might be able to arrange that. I know I am not free 2 weekends from now and we should also do a hike in June and see the peak of the mountain laurel.
    How are you and Fran doing this winter? Staying warm? :) BTW thanks for the greenie.
    Hey Steve,

    Thanks a bunch for the Arrogant Bastards you sent back to Montreal with Neil. I thoroughly enjoyed ones company at the beer night and brought the other home and put it in the fridge for the next time!
    Hey Steve and Fran,

    Great meeting you at the gathering. Not sure I want to be friends with someone who ditches me on plans...hee...hee...hee. Thanks for being good sports. :) Hope to hike with ya soon.

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