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  • My problem is I do not have enough "stumper" photo's. Mine are all pretty much the norm hahahahaha
    What I meant is when I write over here you should answer over on my profile so I get your message. Here we are 6 days after you answered back to me and I am just getting your reply to my message :) Or there is always the other option and that is private messages hehehehehe
    I don't understand what you mean by "writes on my wall?" All these new features on VFTT have me confused.

    I hope you will not be in the layoffs. In this day and age it is dramatic to lose your job. I will Pray for you on this.

    My life has been quite busy as well...Seems I don't have much time for myself and to do the things, that need to be done...I have so much to do but not enough time to do it in...
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Marta did you know that when someone writes on your "wall" you should go to their wall and write back there ;) Thanks for the e-mail the other day. I still have to respond. Things have been crazy at home and especially work. They have started with layoffs and I am praying I will be safe. I am pretty sure I am safe this March but June/July will be a different story.

    Take care,
    thanks for the greenie and for your support..I am sorry to hear of the loss of your friend ..sounded like a good guy
    Congrats Grandma! Hey you can still use the PM feature and dont have to post public messages like this :) Just go to contact info and pick private message. Tell your daughter congrats as well for me. New babies are so exciting.
    How is Mom and baby doing? I bet Grandma is in her glory more than her daughter :)
    You are already on my friends list and I am on yours. So you must have accepted my request :)
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