10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 days and counting - Eclipse in Northern NH - Where you going to be ?


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I think I’ll be heading up Pleasant Pond Mtn in Caratunk ME. A friend here in town has a houseguest from the UK who wants to try snowshoeing, and she knew who to talk to LOL. So Sunday we’re going up it, and I’ll be heading back up Monday. Hopefully it won’t be too crazy. Most logging/dirt roads in the area are absolute nightmares with the wet snow on partly-thawed ground, but you can get 200 yards from the trailhead in a 2WD car. I guess I’ll find out Monday!
The local weather guy made a good suggestion, with the fresh snow and bright sun for the eclipse day, folks should bring and use sunscreen and sunglasses as the sun will be quite intense.
If anyone who is planning to be in the northern NH area wants to take 3 mile snowshoe to a great vantage point on Monday, PM me. I expect to be breaking trail.
I understand that this is a big deal, but I am just not that interested. I also have no desire to fight whatever crowds will be on the roads. MY plan is to get up early, do a 52wav in the lakes region and be back in Goffstown before the eclipse starts. I have a couple of my hiking friends want to climb the peaks in my town to see the partial and want me to tag along, hopefully half my town won't be up there, lol.
Not too shabby forecast for April. ;) Looks like its bit more potential for clouds in Burlington and upper state NY.

I was a bit surprised yesterday that the motels in Gorham were not full up, several that normally are closed until after mud season are plowed and open. It was a wet dreary day in the area on Saturday so I suspect that kept people from heading up. Reportedly in many cases the motels have 3 day non refundable reservation, so they dont mind an empty room as long as its reserved. In the summer its usually a 2 day non refundable period. The snow in Gorham is deep in spots, good for snowshoes but expect they will be balling up in the afternoon.

Jay Peak booked a Pink Floyd tribute band well in advance of the event.
Reading trail conditions for Rogers Ledge in the York Pond area, someone broke it out yesterday, they reportedly had thigh to shin deep snow and interesting water crossings. Of concern is the ledge has a cornice and for those familiar with it, it drops off steep quickly (AKA a ledge). I hope folks going there are aware of this risk. With the recent revised eclipse model, it if is in the path of totality, its right on the hairy edge with seconds of totality at best. Hopefully the gate stays unlocked as anyone at Rogers Ledge will be getting out past gate closing time. Its usually plowed open but had been locked last fall due to some vandalism issues.
I hope you all have a great eclipse tomorrow. I'm staying put in RI. Get thee deep into that totality!
Given the long term local weather statistics give a 30% chance of sun, its more than likely to be bust but for those not planning to make a major excursion (Tom Rankin) what is your choice for a local spot to watch?. GIven the April date, logging roads will probably be gated and not lot of options. No NH 4Ks (Cabot is just outside totality) Not a lot of open viewing summits.
From ulocal FB Page:
On Monday, April 8, Cannon Mountain in Franconia will be hosting a major event at the ski area and will be open for skiing. As such, all Cannon Parking lots At Exits 34B & 34C, including ones typically used to access the Artists Bluff and Bald Mountain trails along Route 18, will be open for *Cannon/Event parking ONLY.* Parking for hikers will not be available in those lots including Echo Lake Beach and the Aerial Tramway. Please seek alternative destinations.

There may be some limited hiker parking throughout Franconia Notch at designated waysides, the Flume Gorge, and at the Old Man Profile Plaza parking lot. Please park in designated spaces only and do not park along roadsides or on shoulders.
Looks like the road to my trailhead is plowed and some cars with out of state plates were parked nearby. Looks like I do not have to break trail and will have some company.
A new acquaintance from the UK (who’d never snowshoed before) and I snowshoed up Pleasant Pond Mtn in Caratunk ME today, the trip up was as close to perfect as it could be. On the descent, though, the snow was falling off the trees from the bright sunlight and soaking us, and what had been perfect snow on the ascent was mashed potatoes at higher elevations and already slush near the trailhead. Someone had tried driving their pickup past the obvious windrow made by whoever plows the private road (North Cove Rd) at the end of North Shore Rd and gotten stuck. I had a bungee strap and 5 or 6 pulls had him out of there. Tonight it’s not supposed to drop much below freezing so the snow isn’t going to firm up overnight. I’m definitely not going back up tomorrow, I’ll probably try one just outside of town that doesn’t have established trails to the summit.


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Hard to beat the forecast for this afternoon. No doubt it will be sloppy out there. The sun and temps really did a number on the snow pack but my guess for those heading into the woods that the impact was less in the shady softwoods.
Went to Baxter headquarters in person this morning and got our reservations for a few nights in August. As we stood there talking to the ranger, someone online took the site we wanted. A bit frustrating but in the end we got good sites on our dates. They mentioned they hope to update their reservation system soon, to allow for online selection of multiple nights (as it is, you can only reserve online for the first night, then you have to call to extend your dates). The only other person there making reservations was also frustrated: she'd seen something available when she looked online yesterday, but it was taken this morning by a mail-in reservation request. The ranger told her they open the mail and fill those requests just before they open the door at 8am. We had all arrived just before 8am and waited in a queue outside -- it felt like the old days of waiting to get tickets to a concert.

Millinocket is already seeing big influx of people this morning, with a lot of out of state plates moving by. Very clear skies at the moment. I may buy myself an eclipse t-shirt, a bit silly, but why not? People are setting up picnic blankets and telescopes downtown. Quite a buzz in the air.
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