Adirondacks 7-night backcountry trip

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Jun 15, 2023
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I am planning a 7-night backpacking trip in the Adirondacks for mid-July and looking to plan a loop trail. I did most of the Northville-Placid trail two years ago, but I had to come off the trail at Long Lake, just short. I'm hoping to plan a 7-night trip this time. I'm looking for solitude and some peaks. Any recommendations would be great, I don't have a ton of familiarity with the park.
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Long Lake > Northville-Placid Trail > Duck Hole.
Duck Hole > Bradley Pond Trail > road to Upper Works.
Road walk > East River Trail (trailhead for Adams and Allen).
East River Trail > Flowed Lands > Lake Colden.
Lake Colden > Opalescent Trail > Four Corners > Panther Gorge.
Panther Gorge > Elk-Lake-Marcy Trail > Pinnacle Ridge Trail > Blake-Colvin col.
Elevator Shaft > Carry between Ausable Lakes.
Carry Trail > Upper Ausable Lake > South Sawteeth Trail > Sawteeth.
Sawteeth > Gothics.
Gothics > Ore Bend Brook Trail > Phelps Trail > Klondike Notch Trail > South Meadow.
Marcy Dam Truck Trail > Marcy Dam > Van Ho Trail * > Heart Lake > Indian Pass Trail > Preston Ponds Trail > Duck Hole.
Duck Hole > Northville Placid Trail > Averyville.

* Alternate: Marcy Dam > Wright > Algonquin > Iroquois > bushwack > Shepherd's Tooth > bushwack > Cold Brook Pass > Cold Brook Pass Trail > Indian Pass Trail > . . .

Optional side trips to: Santanoni Range, Allen, Marshall, Cliff, Redfield, Gray, Marcy, Skylight, Haystack, Colvin, Yard, Big Slide