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Apr 26, 2004
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Winter Gathering 2013. Save the date.
Feb. 22-24, 2013

The 9th incarnation of the ADKHighpeaks Foundation's Winter gathering will be held at the ADK Trail Inn (new name, new owners, same place).

Good news: for our group the new owners will be respecting the old pricing for rooms based on a 2-night stay. So, for double occupancy and a 2-night stay you'd be looking at $144 plus tax. Add $10 per person per night for each additional person. Note that breakfast will not be served.

To book yourself a room at the ADK Trail Inn you should act quickly because there aren't that many rooms available and they usually go pretty quickly.

  • Where? ADK Trail Inn, Keene, NY 518-527-1155
  • Who? Anyone who wants to come.
  • How? People start to roll in on Friday night for some chit-chat, turn in early and do a hike on Saturday. By Saturday afternoon around 4:00 people, bearing large quantities of excellent hiker-friendly food, start showing up in the Inn's salon/dining room and they keep on showing up all evening long.
  • Food? Pot luck (there will be a thread organizing the food).
  • Additional Lodging: (To name a couple) Brookside Inn, Keene Valley Hostel. Also, take a look at this Trip Advisor page for Keene Valley.
  • Fund raising event: What started out in 2005 as a low-key get-together has grown into a full-blown gathering and a Foundation fund raiser.
Considering that most people are working on some kind of list (46, 46-W, 46-4 seasons, 46-12 month grid) this will be our 5th attempt at getting someone on top of each of the 46 on a single winter's day. We succeeded at this in 2012, and even got McNaughton and Mt. Jo!

We are linking the gathering to our annual fund raising event by requesting voluntary donations. More to come on this and the gathering itself later.