Carr via Carr Mtn, Three Ponds, Donkey Hill and Kineo Trails

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Hiked Mt. Carr from the east and then completed the loop to Three Ponds to round out some mileage for the day.

Followed the Three Ponds Trail to Carr Mtn. Trail back to Three Ponds, then Donkey Hill Cutoff to Kineo Trail.

Trail Conditions: Muddy and Slippery ruled the day, especially ascending and descending Carr Mountain. There are many roots and much mud and lots of very slippery rocks including a few steep wet woodland slabs. Three Ponds and Kineo Trails were in good condition, both the snowmobile and hiking parts, while Donkey Hill could stand to be brushed out, but was acceptable none the less.

My lightweight trail runners, though they have survived plenty on the Presidentials and other locations, were a bit over-matched on Carr's wet, mossy rocks - i might recommend a stickier shoe (or, gasp, even a boot)

Comments: I been driving by Mt. Carr for years and always loved the way it looked from Swansboro, looming over the valley, so it was great to finally climb it! The views are much better than people make them out to be. The loop around to Three Ponds was a little boring, and not nearly as remote as the larger loop i did of the northern end of the same three trails from Rte. 118 a few years ago. There is some confusion on the routing of the Three Ponds Trail with its associated snowmobile trail, but I figured it out alright.

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