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dale spring

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Sep 9, 2003
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vermont/longlake ny
Hello fellow hikers..
wow it has been a long journey ... but i am finally back.. injuries.. and not having all of my priorities straight i am afraid..
I would like to climb Cliff and Redfield soon.. with only 6 peaks to go in order to achieve my 46. Has anyone any trail advice?
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Welcome back, and good luck finishing up your 46.

Route finding for us was EZ last fall. All of Cliff had been cleared of blowdown. Cairn for start is directly across trail from spur to Uphill Lean-too. New herdpath start to Cliff is about three minutes walk up herdpath on right.
Ditto on the mud. Any questions, feel free to pm.

Congrats on being so close to your accomplishment!!!

What else do you have left?
ferrisjrf said:
The predominant routes up Cliff and Redfield both now start from the same spot, at Uphill lean-to.
The Cliff trail veers right off of the old trail between the 2 summits, so pay attention. I missed it once. When you get to the top, keep going, it's not the top! I did that twice! :D

The Redfield trail turns at a stream confluence. Straight takes you to Moss Pond. Right is the summit.

Good luck! Expect snow if you go real soon, especially Redfield, which is higher and a northern approach.