Cook Path to Top of the Ice Gulch (+ Bushwhack): 24-Mar-2009


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Jan 18, 2007
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Bethlehem, NH
Trail Conditions:
On the lower portions of the Cook Path, the trail is well-blazed & signed, and therefore is easy to follow. However, there are segments in the upper portion of the trail that could use some blazing, particularly the last few tenths of a mile before the Ice Gulch junction. The forest is very open and without a well-defined snowshoe track, it can be a challenge to stay on the trail.

As of the date of this hike, there were a few blowdowns but all were easy to negotiate. There were no issues with water crossings or muddy spots (but upcoming warm weather will likely change this situation).

At the top of the Ice Gulch (at Hunters Pass), we left the Cook Path for a bushwhack to explore the talus field on the SW spur ridge of Black Crescent Mountain.

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