Corey's Road/Blueberry Foot Path Ski? (ADK)

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Sep 4, 2003
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No Reading, MA Avatar: Crater Rim, Mt Rainier, 8/4
Anyone have any first hand info on skiing conditions up Corey's Road and Blueberry Foot trail. I know nothing of the area, so water crossings, etc will be appreciated. I plan to leave tomorrow morning from Boston, and start on the trail around 11:30. Thanks!
Blueberry ski trail

Merry Christmas SK! I hiked up Blueberry foot trail last month sans snow, and almost got there again last weekend (don't ask). There is only one water crossing without a bridge. It's just before the Blueberry lean-to. The stream is a couple feet deep, and wide enough to require caution in crossing. I opted to cross just to the right, where the stream split into 2 smaller, easier parts. There were also a couple large marshy areas on the trail that might not be frozen yet. The 7 mile trek back to the first lean-to should make for a good ski trip if it's cold enough. Have a good trip! -ALG
Foot trail had some wet spots at beginning of week. Enough to make snow clump up on bottom of snowshoe. Imagine it is even more wet now with yesterdays rain. Please let us know what conditions you find. Also might be pretty rough if wet snow has refrozen along both road and trail.
Update: Corey's Road was a breeze with us making the ski to summer trailhead, trailing sled in 70 minutes. Ski beyond that on Blueberry Foot trail was miserable. Switched over to snowshoes after .7 miles, and slogged forever. Sled is definitely NOT advisable until more snow falls. It was extremely wet, muddy, rough, and all crossings were high. Sled overturned at least 30 times going in. To make a long story short, it all got best of me. Between dehydration and a bad knee, the approach hike shot any chance of going for a summit on Saturday. Had a terrible time in, a great day Saturday relaxing, and a beautiful hike and ski out on Sunday. I cant wait to come back! See trip report for more.