Dorset from Dorset Hollow 1-20-09


Apr 16, 2008
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Oxford, ME
Date of Hike: 1-20-09

Trail Conditions: The route up to the first call has a good track, broken out by skis and snowshoes. There are a few blow downs but nothing significant. The trail from the first col to the summit is used by snowmobiles.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes for the entire route.

Comments: The end of Tower Rd is plowed out, allowing parking for a few vehicles. It’s not plowed in as far as the summer parking area. This is a commonly used but mostly unmarked route to North Dorset. Begin by following Tower Rd for approximately 1.5 miles. It narrows quickly and does not look like a road in the winter. Follow the road to the fork and bear right, you will immediately see the tar paper cabin. Follow the drainage past the cabin and up to the first col and a T intersection. Bear right at the triple trunk tree and follow the trail to a fork. Keep left at this fork. Follow the trail to a second fork and bear right. This will take you to the trail sign in the col between North and South Dorset. Take a left at the sign for a short walk to the summit and canister.

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