Favorite lightweight fleece pants?


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Sep 27, 2004
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I'm looking for a lightweight or midweight set of pants to wear in camp, at huts, etc when it is cold but not completely freezing (i.e. 30-50 degrees). Something that offers maximum warmth but doesn't take up much space in the pack.

Any suggestions? The North Face TKA 100 pants are on my radar, but I'm open to other suggestions, including anything else you like better than fleece.

I owe a pair of 300-weight fleece pants, but they are just wayyyyy too bulky.

Well, if you don't already own a pair of longjohns, then the North Face TKA 100 may be as good as any. Personally, I'm not familiar with them.

Am assuming you're already wearing nylon trousers of some flavor. Why not just pack a pair of lightweight longjohns, and put them on if you're cold? Two layers are nearly always better than one, and longjohns take up minimal room in a pack.
I bought a pair from Patagonia, there like heavy duty sweatpants but with the features of fleece. Ive had them for awhile, they are from their r. line, very nice. I actually use them to hike in the winter as heavy fleece pants are way to hot for me, I adjust my base layer according to temps ie. lightweight capeline for 20 degrees or above, expedition weight for sub 20 degrees.
I should have also mentioned that they have to be socially appropriate..
I think if you wear your underwear, well - under - you'll be considered socially appropriate. Although Madonna seems to get away with wearing her underwear on top ... if you have a really good voice you might be able to get away with it :)
I have a pair of (breathable) 200 or 300 weight fleece pants with full side zips. I carry them as emergency gear--they are too hot for normal use. I believe they are REI brand, but neither REI nor EMS currently show anything similar on their websites. (I bought them 20+ years ago.) Weight: 18oz.

I also have 100wt fleece long johns which I could carry for emergencies, but the side zip is much easier to put on. These are again too hot for normal hiking. Weight 9oz.

I normally wear a polyester or wool baselayer under military surplus wool pants. This meets my needs over a fairly wide range of conditions.

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I have found just long winter underwear acceptable in huts, but if you are demure another option is to look into light nylon shorts to throw on top.
I have a pair of REI Teton 100 wt fleece pants that I've used for probably 10+ years. They are very comfortable and much more packable than 200 or 300 wt fleece. I use them around camp and to to extend the range of my summer sleeping bag on cold nights.

I was surprised to see they still sell them, although they appear to be out of stock at the moment.

I have a pair of Patagonia R1 fleece plants. I've had them for about ten years, I think, and love them. Great for around camp in cool summertime, or as a mid-layer in wintertime.