Middle & South Carter loop – 9/26/15


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Oct 16, 2010
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Worcester, MA
Date of Hike: 09/26/15

Trails: Dodge Cutoff, South Imp, North Carter, Carter-Moriah, Carter Dome and 19 Mile Brook Trail Trails

Conditions: All trails are clear and mostly well-maintained. There are a few sections toward the top of the Imp Trail that are beginning to suffer from erosion. All signs are in good shape. The summit cairns are easy to find ... if you know approximately where to look. The re-routed sections of the 19 Mile Brook Trail are beautiful, and springy to walk on.

Special Equipment Required: Warm weather still allows for summer gear. No special equipment needed beyond the 10 essentials.

Comments: What a beautiful early Fall day. Crisp but still warm, views forever, and happy people.
I was nervous that it would be hard to find/follow the Dodge Cutoff during the warmer months, but I needn’t have worried. The Cutoff is well traveled and easy to find … at least going clockwise. I’m still worried about trying to find it when going counter-clockwise. But traveling clockwise does keep the sun in your eyes all day long, though. Next time I might going the other way.

Jen English

jenglish one at worcester dot edu