Mt. Hayes

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Nov 13, 2004
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New hampshire
Took a trip up the Centennial trail and really enjoy this hike. It's the third time on the mountain and I prefer this route over the Mahoosuc trail from Route 16. I was looking forward to passing through the burn area, the fire which burned in 2022 was actually pretty small as forest fires go. Me and my dog were one of the first people through when they re-opened the area, back in 2022. I find it curious to watch burn areas "comeback". There is considerable growth, and the Oaks seem to be doing the best. The route in general is in great shape and the walk past the summit to the Lookout ledge over Gorham is always a highlight of the trip. Ran into one NB hiker and we had a good chat. Another note of interest, there are brooks flowing on many trails this year, including this one, that are usually dry by this time, trust me, when you hike with a dog, you remember water sources on every route. This marks 7/52 for our third round of the 52wav list.