Mt. Pemigewasset aka Indian Head

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Nov 13, 2004
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New hampshire
Due to the warmer than seasonal temps, me and my trusted companion Shay (the Boy Wonder), did an easy, but classic hike on Thursday. Mt. Pemi is an easy hike, but it's pretty enjoyable, we had planned on going down the other side as we normally do, but the road walk in the hot sun would have not been kind to my dog. Had a nice walk up and he had a nice easy decent, the flowing brooks cooled him off and he arrived at the car chipper as a jay bird. We went into Lincoln to visit Steve at the Mountain Wanderer , but he was closed and most likely out there tramping somewhere quiet. With the tourist season ramping up, we got out of dodge and heading back to the flatlands. Monday and Tuesday call for cooler temps and we will be back out on our current list.