Piermont Mountain


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May 26, 2015
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Brattleboro, Vermont
First I climbed Table Mtn:
I took the Bear Notch Rd to the trailhead for Table Mtn. This is a super easy trail that feels almost flat for the first mile, Very gentle. The summit delivered on the views commensurate of being on the 52 WAV list. I only have Mt Hayes left in Gorham to climb to complete the 52 WAV list.

Then I hung out in the air conditioning for an hour on the drive over to Piermont. I showed up to Camp Walt Whitman where there were what seemed like 7,000 screaming summer campers all milling about everywhere next to a large lake. It had to be the most stereotypical summer camp scene like straight out of a movie.
I had to sign-in at the main Office and then walk on the camp road to the Piermont trailhead. The climb up Piermont was quite straightforward and a solid well-maintained trail. From the summit there were incredible views over towards north of Moosilauke and down toward the Cushman and Kineo direction. Beautiful hazy hot summer day.

View from Piermont Mtn yesterday:
FYI it you want to be a "tourist on Mt Hayes the approach from Gorham via the Mahoosuc trail is bit more interesting than the Centennial Trail (the AT approach). The true summit of Mt Hayes is an unsigned high point in the woods with no view which is west of the intersection of the Mahoosuc Trail and the Centennial trail. The best overall view which I believe is the 52 WAV point is a set of broad ledges to the west of the summit on the Mahoosuc trail. Worth the 10 minutes or so to visit if you elect to come up via Centennial trail as that is the WAV.

If you are going up the Mahoosuc trail from Gorham, you can either park at the railroad trestle on RT 16 or drive over to Shelburne and follow the Hogan Road extension (dirt road) past the Centennial Trail and head all the way to the Hydro dam in Gorham. The approach from the trestle on route 16 adds a mile or so of walking on dirt roads potentially dusty from ATV traffic. Its not particularly wild but the metal bridge under the trestle over the river is interesting except for the head knocker on either end. The drive up Hogan road can be bumpy but cuts out the long approach across the island.

From the hydro dam, park there and follow the Hogan road north to the east of the impoundment about 3 minutes and the Mahoosuc trail cuts right into the woods off the Hogan Road (its usually well marked and obvious with set of stone steps heading up slope but no parking at this point as the road is narrow). Along the way the signed 3 minute trip to Mascot Pond is worth the walk. The old mineworks are upslope and gated off in hopes that the bats that once lived in the mine shafts would not be disturbed) At one point back on the Mahoosuc trail after the Mascot Mine spur you will climb up out of Hemlock drainage and cross a distinct old road. If you walk to your right on the road about a 100 yards or less look to your right and there is unsigned steep path in the woods (across from a large former logging clearing) that goes up to Lookout Ledge. Its mini version of the view ledge near the top but worth a quick diversion.

There is view at the junction of the Centennial Trail and the Mahoosuc trail but its been growing in for years. There is another view 5 minutes east down the Centennial trail at the 2518 summit.

FYI, making it a loop of it using the Hogan road to get back to either trailhead is a really long walk, unless you bring a bike or just want 4 miles of road walk its best spot cars or do an out and back.