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Jan 8, 2004
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Just a note to all those that helped us out this past weekend, THANKS!

The weather turned out great for the 6th Annual Bascom Grillmaster Work Weekend and Hiker Feed. In fact, it was some of the best weather we have had in a few years for the weekend's festivities.

A couple of folks from VFTT came down and pitched in on a variety of the projects as well. It was nice to meet Pudgy Groundhog, who brought along some very tasty treats... YUM!

While the overall numbers of thrus that came by were down from last year, we still had a few dozen stroll on in and roll on out. We were worried that we would start finding folks napping along the way under the Taconic underpass in the shade after the meals we served.

We had a very strong crew of locals helping out, including more then a fair share of past thrus, thanks to WoodChuck, Skeeter, Elvis Trailsley, Slider, Lo-Jack, amongst many many others. We even had a few folks from other trail groups swing through all three days to help out. All total upwards of 30-40 people either stay the weekend, a day, or just a few hours to lend a hand.

Work that was completed included about 40 feet of puncheons/boardwalks through some more muddy sections behind the shelter, new stone steps installed next to the bridge, waterbars installed leading to the bridge, a new deck installed on the bridge, and some new waterbars and stonestairs installed on the northside of Shenandoah Mountain. And that was just Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday a crew of us went back up Shenandoah Mtn to do some cut back on the trees and bushes and clean up lots of litter that had been discarded after what must have been one heck of a Fourth of July fireworks display! One group of partiers was so generous to clean up after themselves yet they left the bag of trash and empty fireworks boxes tossed alongside the trail on the way down... It makes you really scratch your head when someone does that; cleans up after themselves, but dumps their trash a few hundred yards from the trailhead after walking with it for a while.

The end result was lots of well fed and happy people, and lots more work done to keep the trail in top notch shape for everyone!

Thanks to all who helped. See you all on the trail!
Sounds like a great weekend! Thanks Kevin and everyone else that helped out and made the trail a little bit better last weekend. Your hard work is very much appreciated. A bunch of my friends held a hiker feed in Duncannon last weekend, and they too found that numbers were down from past years. But by Saturday, there was a good group of 2006 hikers in town demolishing a smoked pig.
Sure, Pudgy Groundhog brings chocolate strawberries and gets a shout-out.
I bring an ax, saw, shovel, pry bar, hammer, 2 levels, sledge and loppers and get NADA :mad: ;)

Good on you and Tim and the other organizers and workers. That's a nice section of trail and a great shelter. I'm sure the thru's appreciated the food and company; Sir L. really earned his.

Can't help but wonder how this years group is doing with all the rain, it's been RIDICULOUS around here.
Chip... My bad :) :) But you have to admit, those were some tasty treats! :) :)
I wonder if I have set a precedent here with the chocolate covered strawberries .... :)

Kevin, thanks for helping organize and working the grill. Chip, it was nice to meet another VFTTer. The trail looked great when I left on Saturday.

I still wish we could come up with something to deter the punks from trashing Shenandoah Mtn. :mad: Maybe we can enlist the help of the guy down the road with the gun. :rolleyes: :p
Well, I was talking to Tim the other day, it looks like we will do a one day trail work day in mid September, maybe the weekend of Sept 9 or the 16, that will be a Shenandoah clean up day.

We went up on Sunday morning during the work weekend to do some brushwork, cut back some grass, and pick up some trash. The place does need a good going over. It would be nice to have it cleaned up for the anniversary of Sept 11 since someone took the time to paint the American flag memorial up there.

It will be a sweeping and scooping day... The plan is to sweep all of the broken glass up into piles so we can either bury it, or better, carry it out in buckets. We also plan to set up some climbing anchors because some of the trash has been tossed down a cliff face and is too sketchy to access without some kind of backup. Nothing too technical, but would really suck if you fell.

I will keep you all posted for anyone interested in showing up.

Catch you later...
Kevin, that sounds good, but unfortunately we'll be out of town then (Canadian Rockies -- whoo hoo!). If there is a date change or if you guys do another clean up, let me know.

I have to say this Farside Cartoon popped into my head. Maybe we can have an alternative trail with signs for free beer that will trap the party goers. :p
Have a great time in the Canadian Rockies... Another one of those places on the list of places to visit.

I will let you know if we do another clean-up/trail work day. It seems we are always doing one somewhere on the AT.

How was your trailmagic evening last week? Were there many thrus?
We had too many conflicts last week, so are hoping to do it some time this week or next (there should still be some thru hikers coming through, right?). With the heat this week it might be good to go out with watermelon, cold drinks and ice cream. :)
Kevin said:
The plan is to sweep all of the broken glass up into piles so we can either bury it, or better, carry it out in buckets.

I’m not familiar with where you are referring to but am familiar with TRASH! The good news is that several years of diligence has left a popular area near me so much nicer. The first time I cleaned the parking lot I hauled out 4 garbage bags (the 55 gal. size!!) The summit required several trips as did the popular trails. But others questioned what I was doing and were thankful even offering to do the same. Now there is still trash especially after holiday weekends and bus groups but very minimal in comparison.

My feeling is if people see trash they leave their trash (why, I don’t know :confused: ) but if they see it clean they keep it that way for the most part (although for some reason empty bottles are so much heavier than full because they can carry it up but it’s too heavy to carry down :mad: ).

I hope the effort done is appreciated and lasting for you also.