RMC Increasing their Fees at their facilities for Non Members


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Sep 3, 2003
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In other club publications there have been comments about how often they are "stiffed" by folks claiming they don't have cash when they arrive. I would speculate its the one time non members that probably are the most likely folks who fail plan to bring cash and fail to send in their payments that they promised. In order for the high camps to be able to run they do need caretakers 7 days a week and that is not inexpensive. It takes a special person to want to deal with a couple of composting privies that at best only actually compost a few months a year due to low ambient temps along with the minority of the folks that demand special attention. The club does on occasion need to support the winter operation of Gray Knob with helicopter flights to haul heavy consumables up and that is not cheap. Gray Knob given the environment its located and year round use has a lot of maintenance needs as the combination of intermittent heat and large amounts of moisture given off by wet gear makes for significant wear and tear on the structure. The club also has been rebuilding the other sites to deal with the high usage.

RMC is non profit, the management are volunteers, only the trail crew and the caretakers are paid and the club does what they can to subsidize those roles with grants and donations.
Nothing wrong with this. I have always been impressed with how small the RMC's operating budget has been and what they have been able to do with it. Anyone whom gripes about this small increase in fees should go make a reservation somewhere else. I have always thought that the Whites would have been a lot better place if the AMC had followed the same model as the RMC. Thanks for the link.
Family membership is cheap enough where after a couple visits it pays for itself, unlike the AMC huts. I much prefer RMC's model. I joined last year. Figured they could use the tiny cash infusion my membership gave them. :p
The fee increases were effective as of April 1st this year.

I highly recommend that people become members if nothing else to support people who maintain over 100 miles of trails. You can do it via PayPal now, so it's easy for Americans and Canadians/Québécois alike now.