Running/Racing snowshoes for trail hikes?

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Spiny Norman

Dec 20, 2004
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Dear All and Sundry,

I've got apair of MSR evos that I use quite a bit to hike up (Cardigan say) and poke around (the Boscawen town forest) and walk on groomed snowmobile trails. I like them but...

I was wonderin if anyone uses/has used racing snowshoes for groomed trail walking. The light weight, ergo design, and smaller crampons look good to me for putting in some miles on easy terrain. Do they work with light mountain boots like the scarpa charmoz?

I hike in the ADKs in winter with my pair of Scarpa Charmoz and Northern Lite Elite 25s... If that counts... :)

I have Northern Lites Elite 25s, too. Great, light deck, which I've never damaged, even on rocks (but I only weigh 145).

The binding is a little weak, and the crampon is lightweight, and wore out fast. I'm still fooling around with thyem to see if I can do an upgrade, but I haven't spent much time on it.
TCD: one of my rivets to the decking is stretching on mine. I've also broke a crampon and those rivets that hold the crampon to the binding. One of my modifications to them this summer was replacing all those rivets with bolts and nylock nuts and appropriate sized washers.

I talked to NLs and the guy there (forget his name) sent me 3 replacement crampons although like you, I was considering making a set of custom crampons. I never had the time to do so though so I replaced the broken one with a new one.

Spiny: If you check out NL's website (google it) you can read and see how a lot of racers use them. The crampon isn't too aggressive in it's native form, so it's great for running along groomed trail. I don't run or race with mine and use it for winter peakbagging so I just use it with a little caution and experience. Wouldn't recommend it to anybody as a beginner snowshoe though but it works for me and others who use it on this forum.

Bob is a good guy??!!

Just kiddin'!! Bob is the best and was the one that set me up w/ his fine snowshoes when I first got into snowshoeing. Besides being a mighty strong competitor he knows his stuff! If you ever wonder which snowshoes the national champions wear, wonder no more ---- Dions, Dions, Dions!!