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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
I took a quick hike up Starr King today hoping to catch an undercast that was in place around the high summits. Unfortunately I missed the undercast. I did notice since the last time I was there that is new signage along the road to the summer lot indicating that there is no parking along the side of the road. There is a forest service sign in place that states overflow parking is across RT2. I presume that this refers to the snowmobile lot across the road. The snowmobile lot is currently signed for "snowmobile parking only no hiker parking". The sign says "hikers use RT 2 parking lot" but doesn't indicate where it is. I believe given the non existent snowmachine traffic that most hikers ignored the signs at the snowmobile lot and parked there. I am not a fan of this lot as the drive back onto RT 2 can be difficult at the exit out of the lot is steep and tends to ice up.

Considering the signage is handwritten on the snowmachine trail advisory signs I expect this is not enforceable as opposed to the signs on the road to the summer trailhead which appear to be municipal signs (IE you could get towed). I elected to park in the lot on the south side of Rt 2 slightly west of the snowmobile lot. There are several plowed lots here and they are full on Sundays as they are used by the church. The alternative space to park is east of the snowmobile parking lot at a sign pointing at Mt Waumbek. It too is on the south side of the road and looks over the golf course. I don't like this lot as tractor trailer rigs tend to swing in there frequently and on occasion leave trailers there, potentially blocking anyone parked there.

The trail itself was quite icy no need for snowshoes.